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Please feel free to register for any of our upcoming webinars below. In most cases the session last for 60 minutes and we run them at different times in the day so please ensure you select the session that works best for your time zone.

The webinars are an easy way to gain a good understanding of the different areas of functionality provided by ConfigSnapshot and are suitable for all levels of experience. If the timings don't suit or you would prefer a more tailored session please contact us as to schedule it accordingly

E-Business Suite Setup Creation & Migration With ConfigSnapshot

Thursday 7th September 2018 (two time slots, please select the most suitable for your time zone)

In addition to all of the other areas of functionality that ConfigSnapshot provides, it now also provides a fully supported way to move setup (insert, update & delete where supported by Oracle validation) between and across environments providing control and transparency at all stages of the process. The flexible ConfigSnapshot planning workbench enables you to highly target records that you want to migrate, transform existing setup if needed, extract the differences between environments / baselines to upload just the deltas or create best practice settings for comparison to actuals.

See it first-hand via this 60 minute webinar which will provide a brief overview of the various areas of the ConfigSnapshot functionality then focus in on the planning and migration process and walk you through it via a live product demonstration.

ConfigSnapshot: Segregation of Duties for the E-Business Suite

Wednesday 13th September 2018 (two time slots, please select the most suitable for your time zone)

ConfigSnapshot provides several different areas of functionality to support the full Oracle E-Business Suite application lifecycle - Document, Analyse, Compare, Plan, Migrate, Monitor, Track and Comply. In this webinar we provide a brief introduction to the areas relevant to governance, risk and compliance and then walk through the ConfigSnapshot Segregation of Duties reporting.