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The Challenge:

Managing the thousands of individual configurations that make up a typical implementation of the Oracle E-Business Suite is a huge challenge for organisations. Not only the sheer amount of time required to laboriously record these settings manually but also the need to maintain them in not one, but many, environments as the project progresses. The likelihood of manual error is high; requiring further efforts to check and recheck values after they have been entered into an environment to try to avoid mistakes and, inevitably, significant efforts to track down errors when manual checking failed to find them.

All implementations evolve throughout their lifecycle resulting in changes to setups based on further solution design, business feedback, testing, etc. and this must be tracked effectively. Project documentation must remain accurate and reflect the current status, change must be isolated and replicated on other environments to keep them in sync with master project environments and testing should be focussed on areas affected since the previous round of testing rather than being carried out on areas that have remain unchanged.

Increasingly implementations are carried out using more agile, iterative methods rather than the older waterfall-type approaches. While this can have significant benefits it also relies even more heavily on an effective configuration management approach to isolate the effects of each iteration and to manage these changes across other environments.

Automatic documentation in multiple formats; colour coding to differentiate seeded data etc.

Support change control with planning and migration

Compare across environments to determine any inconsistencies and check planned set up completed

How ConfigSnapshot Helps:

ConfigSnapshot can become the hub of your implementation project enabling teams at all stages of the lifecycle.

ConfigSnapshot baselines enable organisations to capture any pre-existing setups so that all change made as part of the project can be identified; leading to a significantly reduced risk of any changes being missed. Further baselines can be created at any point during the project so that the change between each stage can be tracked, reported and reviewed. This supports both change as the project evolves but also provides enhanced control of testing cycles to ensure any amendments can be captured, assessed and ensure they are reflected elsewhere, where applicable. It also helps detect any unexpected change that may have introduced an issue that might otherwise be difficult to identify causing delay to the project.

Setups can easily be entered in to ConfigSnapshot plans prior to deployment to an initial environment eliminating the need to manually document the required setups. Direct integration with Excel makes it simple to upload/download plan data so it can be maintained in a familiar spreadsheet environment. Data in plans can be loaded from an existing environment, manually added and quickly copied or transformed to streamline the preparation of the required information. Plans can include any other required step for the project, such as the need to submit a concurrent process or run a script, enabling the full process to be maintained in one place.

ConfigSnapshot is able to automatically report, compare and analyse the setup of both environments and plans. Project teams can use this to prepare, check, refine and document all setups. Comparison enables teams to ensure all planned configuration has been correctly deployed to the environment and that all set up is moved efficiently to each subsequent environment throughout the project lifecycle.

ConfigSnapshot supports migration of setups allowing new data to be automatically loaded from a plan to an environment as well as moving setup from one environment to another. Any authorised concurrent process can also be submitted and monitored from within ConfigSnapshot. This can dramatically reduce the time to deploy setup as well as increasing its accuracy. Comparison between the environment and the plan confirms data has migrated successfully.

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"We used ConfigSnapshot as part of the integration of two R12 instances as part of a merger and it proved to be a valuable tool throughout the project. The ability to quickly document and compare between multiples instances was central to ensuring the project progressed on schedule through to Go-Live - despite the substantial levels of new configuration required. On completion of the project, we were also able to very quickly produce the required documentation for auditors of all configuration changes made - saving significant amounts of time. We would definitely recommend the product."

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