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The Challenge:

A rollout project can be part of either implementation or enhancement or the consequence of activities such as an acquisition or growth into new markets. The rollout may be covering multiple countries, regions or businesses or be a combination of these.

Typically the configuration associated with rollouts can be characterised into one of three types:

  • Configuration that is shared across all entities
  • Configuration that should be consistent across multiple entities (countries, businesses etc.)
  • Configuration that is unique to a specific entity, for legislative or business reasons etc.

For many rollouts there may be more than one “master” entity, each reflecting a different aspect of the business, and for each master entity there may be multiple other entities that should be configured in a consistent way to its master, save for any unique requirements.

While many of the core challenges for rollouts are common with implementation or enhancement additional challenges include:

  • The time to prepare documentation for each individual entities when much of this should be consistent with other entities
  • Checking each newly created entity to ensure that it has been configured consistently with an existing master entity and reflects its specific requirements where appropriate
  • Reflecting ongoing changes that might develop throughout the project and ensure these are correctly applied to each affected entity

These challenges can be further accentuated when there are different project teams responsible for different entities.

Support change control with planning and migration

Compare new entities against master entites

Quickly download / upload plan data to Excel

How ConfigSnapshot Helps:

Managing the roll out of new entities can be significantly streamlined using ConfigSnapshot compared to traditional methods.

The current setup of both the master entity and common configurations can be flexibly reported and reviewed to enable project teams to assess which areas will be affected by the new entity. For entity level data they can determine what should mirror the master entity and what should be specific to the new entity.

ConfigSnapshot planning can be used to prepare setup for the new entity as well as any necessary changes or additions to common configuration; most data can be loaded directly to the plan from an existing environment.  Entity level data for the master entity can be loaded to the plan, filtered where applicable. Once loaded this can be quickly copied to the new entity within the plan. Entity specific values can be prepared by using transformation or by integrating with Excel to make any necessary changes. Once complete, comparison between the new and master entities within the plan helps ensure all necessary setup for the new entity has been completed.

ConfigSnapshot migration allows most data to be automatically loaded from the plan to each target environment; including the creation of the new entity itself. This can dramatically reduce the time to deploy setup as well as increasing its accuracy. Comparison between the environment and the plan confirms data has migrated successfully.

Baselines can be used to track the project over time enabling teams to keep tight control over the full lifecycle by being able to identify change during any specific phase and ensuring all planned changes have been applied and any unexpected difference has been identified and addressed.

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"ConfigSnapshot is no doubt a great tool for generating comparison reports to identify differences in different e-Business environments. However, the real power lies in the migration component. The migration engine is extremely accurate and the execution precision prevents errors during configuration migrations. The details window is very helpful for configuration visualizations. DevOps is about automation, ConfigSnapshot is the bridge between IT and development"

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